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Taj Mahal has taught the art of eternal love to mankind. Today this pristine monument attracts a lot of travelers from all the corners of the world. The Taj Mahal became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While the white domed marble mausoleum is the most familiar component of the Taj Mahal, it is actually an integrated complex of structures. hahjanhan, the fifth Mughal emperor of the Mughal Era built this marble glory in the memory of his mistress, Mumtaz Mahal. Mumtaz Mahal died in the year 1630, after giving birth to Shahjehan's !4th child. The construction of the monuments started in the years 1631 AD and took almost 22 years to be complete. The largest and one of the most spectacular structure of the world was complete in the 1653 AD. The tomb is the central focus of the entire complex of the Taj Mahal. This large, white marble structure stands on a square plinth and consists of a symmetrical building with an iwan (an arch-shaped doorway) topped by a large dome and finial. Like most Mughal tombs, the basic elements are Persian in origin. The garden in essence is based on symmetry and geometrical measurements. The lush green garden expands from the main gateway to the plinth, over which stands the tomb. The Persian style garden has a close link with paradise, since Quran describes paradise as a beautiful garden.

The Taj Mahal is steeped in rich history and captivating legends. With its opulent structure and romantic connotations, the Taj Mahal has spawned a wealth of facts and information that often astounds the uninitiated. In 1942, with the Second World War raging, the government erected a giant scaffolding over the Taj Mahal to fend off a potential air attack by the German Luftwaffe and later by the Japanese Air Force. The scaffoldings came up again during the India-Pakistan wars of 1965 and 1971 to mislead enemy pilots. It is believed that the name "Taj Mahal" was derived from the name of Shah Jahan's wife, Mumtaz Mahal and means "Crown Palace". The purity of the white marble, the exquisite ornamentation, precious gemstones used and its picturesque location, all make a visit to the Taj Mahal gain a place amongst the most sought-after tours in the world.

The Taj Mahal was built as the mausoleum of the mughal Empress Mumtaz Mahal and is generally accepted to be one of the most spectacular buildings in the world.The Taj Mahal is located on the south-west bank of the Yamuna River within the city of Agra in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh, about 200 kilometres south of New Delhi (travel is roughly two and a half hours if you buy a ticket for an express train). Uttar Pradesh is home to more than 120 million people.Agra was the capital of the Mughals, or moguls, a muslim clan who ruled northern India between the 16th and 19th centuries.Taj Mahal, the epitome of love is the major attraction of people far and near. Whether one is Indian or non-Indian, seeing Taj Mahal is every traveler's dream.

Taj Mahal means "Crown Palace" and is in fact the most beautiful tomb in the world. The marble wonder is the largest and the most extravagant mausoleum built for the sake of love by a person. The grandeur & glory of Taj has reached every corner of the world. This timeless piece of art has been the inspiration for many artists and architects, ever since its creation. Its very difficult to adequately convey the legend in a picture or write in a piece of paper.The dome in white marble is set against the plain across the river and it is this background that changes the view of the marble structure. The background of water works its magic of colours through their reflection. The colours change at different time of the day and during different seasons. The Taj sparkles like a jewel in moonlight when the semi-precious stones infixed into the white marble structure on the main mausoleum catch the glow of the moon. The Taj is pinkish in the morning, milky white in the evening and golden when the moon shines.

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Knowledge of Taj Mahal

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Knowledge of Taj Mahal

This article was published on 2012/01/16